Finding Course Materials as an Instructor

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Training Video: AYSOU - Find training materials "5 minute video"

Instructors need the most current lesson plans and presentations to instruct. They have a new home in AYSOU. To access them:

Access to AYSOU


Switch to the Instructor profile

Once on the Instructor profile page go to Docs in the upper right hand corner.

The Document Library holds all Instructor Materials for all disciplines.

Accessing Instructor Materials 02.jpg

Materials Order:


VIP Coach

Coach Instructor

Management Instructor

Referee Instructor

VIP Instructor




Age-Specific Coach

Badge-Specific Referee

After finding the course needed, click on the Download button to begin downloading a copy of the selected materials.

Accessing Instructor Materials 03.jpg
Accessing Instructor Materials 04.jpg

If you are an instructor but do not have an instructor profile in AYSOU, please contact the AYSO Help Desk at